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Teaching gymnastics for over 
30 years in the Dekalb County Area.
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Policies & FAQ's
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Monthly Enrollment

At Energym Gymnastics we have switched over to a Continuous Monthly Enrollment system. By doing this we will be allowing people the opportunity to make smaller payments, eliminate the hassle of registering every 3 months, and ensure your child never loses their current spot in class. We are a year round program with no long-term commitments. You may enroll or un-enroll at anytime in accordance with our policy and procedures.

Registration Format

How to Enroll:

In Person - You have the opportunity view class schedules and class descriptions on our Website at www.energymgymnastics.com and come in to our office to Register, or

The Quickest Way - Access our New Parent Portal to Register your Family and Payment information Online by visiting our Home Page at www.energymgymnastics.com . Once registered in our Parent Portal, just contact us by phone and we can get you enrolled !! 

Getting Signed up on the Parent Portal:

New Students/Families:
  • Go to Parent Portal "Sign Up " Button located on the HomePage of the Energym Website). Follow the instructions and fill out the online forms to create your account and add your payment information. 
  • Now you can use the filters to view classes / class descriptions online and contact us to get registered over the phone.

Current & Former Students/Families: 
  • Go to the Parent Portal “Login” Button also located on the HomePage of the Energym Website).
  • Enter your email address that is currently ON File with Energym and click on Forgot Password. If you do not know the email, we ask that you please call our office so we can provide that to you.  
  • A temporary password will be emailed to you. Re-enter the email address and temporary password
  • From here you will be prompted to sign off on our Waiver and Permission Documents and add/update your payment information
  • Now you can use the filters to view classes / class descriptions online and contact us to get registered over the phone.

Still need help? Call us (815) 899-6424 or email us at energymgymnastics@comcast.net

The first time you register your child, you will only pay for the prorated cost of the month (if not starting at the beginning of a month). After that your card will be charged the monthly payment on the 20th of each month.

Everyone is required to have a credit/debit card on file. Each family has the opportunity to pay before the 20th of the month with another form of payment, however if payment was not made then the card on file will be charged for that upcoming month.

Your gymnast stays in the same class until he or she is referred to a different level or you would like to change class days and/or times. 

Joining and Dropping Classes

JOINING: You may Enroll anytime based on availability.

CHANGING class day, time, or program:  No problem :) We are very flexible about keeping up with your schedule. If at any time you need to find another class that better fits your schedule, just call the front desk and we will take care of it for you.

Change requests are accepted if there’s available space in the class, otherwise we can offer to put you on a waitlist and we will contact you once a spot becomes available. Tuition increases could apply. No refunds or credits will be given when transferring an enrollment. Your tuition will simply be transferred to the new class or program.

UN-ENROLLING:  No problem :) To un-enroll from class, you must submit your request to un-enroll in writing including the future date of your last desired class by the 19th of the month, prior to your next monthly charge on the 20th. Upon receiving your request, we will update your enrollment accordingly. No refunds or credits will be issued for missed classes. If you submit your Un-Enroll Request after the 20th of the month, you will be charge and enrolled in the following month.

MEDICAL REASONS:  For medical conditions validated by a medical practitioner’s written statement, a prorated credit will be issued based upon the date the statement was received (requests after the fact eliminate Energym’s opportunity to fill a vacated class spot). Any Refunds will be processed within 14 days.

Payment Information

Monthly Tuition
Tuition is paid monthly via direct debit from a credit or debit card on the 20th day of the (preceding) month. Declined payments (expired card, etc.) must be remedied on or before the last day of the month or you risk losing your child’s class spot to a waiting student. Tuition is based on a 48 week year which allows for a Holiday Break in December as well as a Summer Break. We do not charge more for ‘long’ months nor less for ‘short’ months. Over the year, all 12 months average four weeks.

We Do Not Invoice
Monthly tuition reminders will NOT be sent. We will notify you by email on the 20th of the month if your tuition is unable to process or is not received.

Payment Specifics
Full payment is required at the time of registration. There is NO holding spots without payment. Check, MC, Visa, Discover, or Cash, over the phone, over the counter, or mail-in payments are accepted.  
   NSF Check Policy:  If your check is returned for non-sufficient funds (NSF), you will be charged a $20 NSF Fee on your account.

Credit Card On File
We are completely PCI Compliant and will securely keep your credit card on file and charge tuition against it each month until you notify us otherwise. You have complete access via the Parent Portal to change and/or update Credit / Debit card information at anytime. If you do not want us to charge the credit card on file and would like to make a difference form of payment you may do so prior to the 20th of the month, otherwise your credit card on file will be charged.

20% or 40% FAMILY DISCOUNTS!!!
At Energym Gymnastics, ONLY the most expensive tuition in your immediate family pays full price. Every child after the first child from your immediate family, are discounted a full 20%. If the same child takes a second class during a Month, that child receives 40% off the second class. Discounts do not apply to Private Lessons, Special Group Classes and/or Events, or Home School Classes.

100% Tuition-Back Guarantee
We are proud to offer a 100% Tuition-Back Guarantee for all First time families. If after your family’s first Month of classes you are not entirely happy with our programs, we will happily refund 100% of your tuition for that Month .  Note that our money-back guarantee is intended for families Brand New to Energym. (Current families with students sampling programs for the first time will be extended credit toward future months.)

What to Wear

Girls - One piece leotard for all gymnastic classes or a snug fitting t-shirt that can be tucked in and shorts for all tumbling classes and bare feet. Please no spaghetti strapped shirts or loose fitting clothing. No jewelry at all, if ears are pierced, small posts are acceptable. Hair needs to be secured off the face in a pony or clips. 

Boys - Gym shorts and a t-shirt and bare feet. 

Punctuality, Attendance and Make Ups

A Punctuality Plea: 
Moms and Dads, for the sake of your child as well as all of the other children in class, please be on time! Being late is far more 
difficult on a child than what many parents realize. In addition, it greatly distracts the rhythm of the class. Students who are late for class can have a “Snowball Effect”. What do we mean by this? Most pre-schoolers who are late for class become shy, tentative, stressed or even anxious. This can spill over to the rest of the class causing whatever trust and control the instructor had to disappear, thus, causing what we call the “Snowball Effect”, the instructor losing his or her effectiveness for an entire class. The first 10 minutes of class is valuable warm-up time for a pre-schooler and is the most important part of the entire 30 or 45 minute class.  

During this time the instructor is :
Establishing Class Control
Establishing Ground Rules
Building Trust with Each Student
Reviewing Last Week’s Theme
Introducing this Week’s Theme

These are all important in creating a fast, fun, and exciting learning environment. So, if you do arrive 10 minutes after the class begins, we respectively ask that you not join the class and that you schedule a make-up with our office for another time. Please do not attempt to enter class or speak with the instructor during this time, as they cannot leave their students and engage in conversation.

Parents to Remain Onsite:
Energym Gymnastics is NOT equipped to supervise children before or after classes. 
Parents or caregivers of children too young to supervise themselves are to stay ONSITE. Thank you for making safety a priority!

Restroom Policy: 
All School Age Students will be required to use the upstairs bathrooms in the parent viewing area. Downstairs locker rooms may be used with parent supervision only. Parent’s of Pre-School students that need to use the restroom will be asked during class to escort their child to the restroom.

We at Energym highly recommend students to bring a water bottle for their drink break. The water fountain may only be used with parent supervision.

Make-Up Policy:
At Energym, your Monthly tuition pays for a class spot regardless of your attendance. As a courtesy, we offer Unlimited Make-ups during the time you are enrolled, only when doing so does not jeopardize the safety or integrity of the class. Hence, make-up procedures vary from class to class, depending on safety concerns, space, equipment, and teaching ratios. Energym has the right to refuse a make-up if we feel it will affect safety or lessen the experience of those children who have registered for and paid for that class. In this case, we will offer you a Free Open Gym Pass. Contact the office to schedule your make-up. All make-ups must be made-up within the Month of the absence and must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. If you schedule a make-up, and you fail to attend that class without calling to cancel your make-up 24 hours in advance, you forfeit the right to a make-up for that class. Overuse of Makeups negatively affects classes. Please honor the spirit of this privilege and use it only for illness, holidays, emergencies and snow days.

Note: There will be some classes that do not have make-up options due to limited class offerings. In this case, we will offer you a Free Open Gym Pass  

Weather Closings

From time to time Energym must close due to the weather. There are various ways to check on our weather closings.

  • THE BEST SOURCE: Check the Website at www.energymgymnastics.com for closing information located on our home page.
  • Call our Voice Mail at (815) 899-6424 in our Sycamore Office as a source of information. 
  • We do not always necessarily follow School Closings, as we service a wide range of school district, but we do however take them into consideration.  
  • Special note to parent’s of Team Athletes - During questionable weather, Team / PreTeam / Mighty Kats / Xcel may or may not be closed when other classes are closed. We will typically email, post on the website and on the voice mail as to whether team practices will run as scheduled. In case a mid-stream cancellation, you will be notified via a phone call to pick up your athlete early. Notices from your coach shall supersede postings here.
  • Difficult travel for one does not mean difficult travel for all. Our closing decisions must accommodate Clients and Employees who live in a 25 to 35 mile radius as well as an operational day that spans more than 12 hours.
  • Please make your own driving decisions based on local conditions, your vehicle and your comfort level. Most of all, please stay SAFE.  In inclement weather please allow extra time, extra space and be extra careful. 

In the event Energym cancels classes, we will provide a makeup class for you. Please refer the Make-Up Policy.

Sycamore Office Hours                                                              Genoa Office Hours

As always there are certain times the office becomes extremely busy.
Please Be patient and don’t hesitate to call back! Thank You!!

12:30 p.m. -
9:00 a.m. -
9:00 a.m. -
12:30 p.m. -
1:30 p.m. -
8:00 a.m. -
8:30 p.m.
8:30 p.m.
8:30 p.m.
8:30 p.m.
9:30 p.m.
2:00 p.m.

3:30 p.m. -
3:30 p.m. -
9:00 a.m. -

8:00 p.m.
8:00 p.m.
12:00 p.m.